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Lani Love

The Back Story

Hi, Mommy here! This is how it all started for lani love. The back story! My mom took Lani to the mall one morning to go shopping, you know spend a little bonding time together, so I thought!  she came back with trophies and I was like "momma what is this?" She said "Girl they had a pageant in the mall and I signed Lani up! She won she was so great on stage!" We kept it going no need to stop the momentum! As she got older we got into more Projects with her. That's the back story! Browse Lani's entire Portfolio for examples of lani's latest work and contact information. Like what you see? If you’d like to collaborate then Book lani below! Lani Love Big Infulencer , Youtuber, , music, Artist, The Goat in entertainment and social media!

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